Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Readers’ Theater

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Where the Wild Things Are

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Lost Mitten

After listening to stories about lost mittens, we wrote our own stories.
We recorded our stories using a FlipVideo Camera,
then we used Camtasia Studio to create our video.


Readers’ Theater – Book, Book, Book

Here is our one of our first videos of our Readers’ Theater play based on the book  Book, Book, Book by Pam Brus, adapted for Readers’ Theater  by author Tony Buzzeo.

Book! Book! Book!,  by Pam Bru

Reader’s Theater Play from: Read! Perform! Learn! by Toni Buzzeo


Author Night 2009

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Cheetah Research Videos

Enjoy our Cheetah Research Videos.

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Lost Mitten Story

Marcella S.

      A little girl named Anna loved her pink and purple mittens very much. Anna’s family was poor so she had to work on a farm every hour to earn money. On a cold day, Anna was feeding the cows and one of her mittens fell into one of the cow’s food. Anna asked her mom if she knew where her mitten was.
      Her mom said “I don’t know!”
     Then she asked her dad and her dad said the same thing. She looked in the bird cages and then she looked in the horses’ hay.
     She yelled, “I found it. I found it in the horses’ hay. I found it, my lovely mitten! Yay!”